How to Effectively Clean Vacuum Cleaner parts?

It may sound arduous to comprehensive clean vacuum cleaner parts and exterior but it is also one of the most important jobs that should be regularly performed. The equipment that we use for cleaning purposes is also among the dirtiest items in our homes since they are regularly exposed to all sorts of dirt, germs, and garbage. All the dirt that they remove from other items in the building may stick to them causing inefficiency in operation and spread of germs in the building. The vacuum cleaner is a commonly used cleaning equipment at homes since it can quickly remove dirt from carpet and floor. However, over the course of time, the vacuum cleaner parts may start to get soiled resulting in loss of efficiency in performance. Therefore, it is recommended to clean vacuum cleaner parts regularly as per the procedure explained below:

Performing Basic Cleaning of a Vacuum Cleaner

The basic cleaning of the vacuum cleaner involves cleaning different parts and removing the clogged garbage items. Below are some of the steps that should be carried out to clean vacuum cleaner parts regularly:

  1. In the first step, unplug the vacuum cleaner and separate different parts as per the instructions in the user manual. The two important parts that should be removed are canister and filter.
  2. Now empty the canister and remove all the garbage inside it. Thoroughly clean the canister somewhere outside so that the dust doesn’t spread in the building.
  3. Now take a cloth and wet it in a solution of water and a cleaning agent. This will help clean dirt and germs from different parts of the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Start wiping to clean vacuum cleaner parts such as its exterior body, lid, outside of hose, cord, etc.
  5. Take out the filter from the vacuum cleaner and rinse it with the help of cold water. The filter is one of the most significant parts whose performance affects the performance of the vacuum cleaner as well.
  6. Let the vacuum cleaner dry for a few hours. It is recommended to let it dry under the sun.

Performing Deep Cleaning of a Vacuum Cleaner

In deep cleaning, all the significant parts of the vacuum cleaner are thoroughly cleaned i.e. the clogged garbage and germs are removed. Some of the steps involved in deep cleaning are as follows:

  1. Hair can get clogged in the beater bar over the course of time. They can affect the operation of the vacuum cleaner. These hairs should be removed with the help of scissors or other suitable tools.
  2. Germs can also accumulate in the beater bar requiring the disinfecting process to be carried out. Apply alcohol to a cotton swab and rub it along the beater bar so that the germs can be killed off. Spin the beater bar clockwise in order to clean all areas.
  3. Hose in another part of the vacuum cleaner that can be affected by clogs. Remove the garbage and clogs in the hose with the help of a wire. Remove dust from the inside of the hose as well.
  4. Disinfect the hose with the help of a cleaning agent. Let it dry for a few hours after rinsing with water.

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