How to Clean Iron with Homemade Cleaning Solutions?

A few homemade cleaning solutions can be effective to clean iron in quick time. It is important to clean iron regularly since an unclean iron can cause damage to the valuable clothes, and requiring you to seek methods that are more expensive. Irons get dirty when they are used to press the clothes due to the deposit of water minerals, dirt, or burned cloth fibers. Over the course of time, these deposits accumulate leading to affecting the quality of the press, and problems for the cloth items. However, if the deposit is regularly cleaned using basic cleaning methods then there is an opportunity to save money and obtain good quality results from the iron. Below we will discuss a few methods that can help in cleaning iron at home with natural cleaning agents:

Cleaning Iron Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a highly effective cleaning solution that can provide results comparable to those obtained through chemical agents. In order to clean iron using a homemade baking soda cleaning solution, follow the steps given below:

  1. Prepare a baking soda paste by mixing an appropriate quantity of the baking soda in water. Make sure to prepare a concentrated paste for better results. In case distilled water is available, it will provide better results.
  2. Now let the iron cool down completely and start applying the paste on the plate of the iron. In case the plate is dirty on all parts then spread the paste all over, otherwise just apply it on dirty portions.
  3. Make sure that the paste is uniform at all places with the help of fingers or a spatula.
  4. Let the paste settle down for a few minutes.
  5. Now, start removing the paste from the iron plate with the help of a wet cloth or cotton. Make sure that the piece of cloth is clean. Use cotton swabs in order to clean the holes on the iron plate. Clean the iron plate completely.
  6. Repeat the above procedure in case the dirt is still present.

Cleaning Iron Using Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is another effective natural cleaning agent that is used commonly for cleaning purposes. An appropriate solution of vinegar can provide high-quality cleaning results while the cost is minimum. In order to clean iron using a vinegar solution, follow the procedure below:

  1. Prepare a vinegar cleaning solution by mixing 1 part slat and 2 parts vinegar. Heat the mixture on a stove in order to concentrate it. Let the solution cool down for a few minutes afterward.
  2. Now, soak a cloth in the vinegar solution. We also recommend using a soft brush that may not cause scratches on the iron as well.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution on the iron plate by rubbing the cloth or the soft brush on it. Keep on rubbing gently on all the parts where the starch residue is present.
  4. The dirty parts will start to clean and an original look of the iron plate will appear.
  5. Rinse the iron plate to remove any dirt and residue.

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