How to Clean Shoes Using Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach?

One of the essential tasks that should be performed in order to stay healthy is to clean shoes and other items that we wear on a daily basis. Inside area of Shoes is among those places that provide a suitable environment for the germs and microbial to grow and multiply. The damp conditions and perfect temperature range results in the growth of harmful microbial, which can be a source of various foot diseases. Similarly, over the course of time, the shoes accumulate dirt, and their original look starts to fade. Therefore, we recommend that everyone should clean shoes at least once a week using a basic cleaning method that they can perform at home. This will not only ensure the protection of their feet but also ensure the longevity of shoes. The shoe cleaning method is given below:

Supplies Required to Perform the Shoes Cleaning Method

There are a number of household items that can be useful in cleaning the shoes. Some of the items are given below:

  1. Bleach: A useful ingredient to clean shoes as it helps in removing dirt and other stains from the sole of the shoes. Mostly white colored soles get dirty quickly. A solution of bleach can help restore the original look.
  2. Rubbing Alcohol: It is another cleaning solution that is useful in removing dirt and stains from the shoes. It can also kill off germs and fungus that is present inside the shoes.
  3. Soft Cloth: In order to remove dirt and stains, a soft cloth will be required. We
    recommend applying the cleaning solution with the help of a soft cloth for better results and protection of the shoes.
  4. Gloves: We recommend wearing gloves while performing the cleaning process.
    Contact with chemicals can produce a bad reaction.

Steps involved in Shoe Cleaning Procedure

The steps involved in the process to clean shoes using bleach and rubbing alcohol are as following:

  1. Get the supplies ready and place the shoes in an open setting.
  2. We recommend covering the canvas of the shoes in the area where it meets the sole. It will help in protecting the bond between the canvas and the sole while we perform the process to clean shoes. Masking tape or any other item is suitable for the purpose.
  3. Now, take the cleaning solution in a bowl and soak the cloth in the solution. Make sure that an appropriate concentration of the solution is available. We also recommend using a brush in case the stains on the sole are hard to remove.
  4. Now, start rubbing the dirty areas of the shoes with the help of the cloth or the brush. The dirt will start to come off on persistent rubbing. Continue rubbing the sole until the dirt comes off completely.
  5. Take a fresh cloth and mildly dip it in the cleaning solution. Rub it in the inner portion of the shoes.
  6. Now, soak a fresh piece of cloth in water and wipe down the shoes using it.
  7. Let the shoes dry for some time in the open air.

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