How to Clean Garbage Disposal?

We recommend our readers to clean garbage disposal of their kitchen sink on a regular basis since it can drastically affect the environment of their kitchens. Garbage disposals of the kitchen sinks perform an excellent function of removing food and other unwanted materials, however, over the course of time all these unwanted particles may start to accumulate in them and result in an odor in the kitchen. Even though the garbage disposals are mostly self-cleaning, they may accumulate food items, which start to decay after a short period resulting in unwanted odor in the kitchen. Therefore, special attention should be given in order to clean garbage disposal on a regular basis. In this article, we will explain a standard process with the help of which the readers can clean garbage disposal in an effective manner on their own.

Steps involved in the process to clean garbage disposal

There are some easy and convenient methods, which can help in cleaning the garbage disposal. Readers can follow the steps below in order to carry out general cleaning of the garbage disposal:

  1. In the first step to clean garbage disposal, check the garbage disposal physically to see if food and other particles have accumulated inside. In case there are trapped materials or objects, make sure to remove them.
  2. Flush the garbage disposal with the help of water so that dirt or loosely trapped items get removed.
  3. The use of ice cubes and salt is popular in order to clean the garbage disposal. When the ice cubes are crushed with the help of the blades of garbage disposal, it helps to remove the trapped items and clean the inside of the garbage disposal.
  4. An iced solution of vinegar can also be used in order to carry out a more effective cleaning of the garbage disposal.
  5. In the end, use a brush to scrub the inside of the garbage disposal so that struck object gets dislodged.

Steps involved in the process to eliminate odors

When the trapped food items in the garbage disposal start to decay, they give an unbearable odor. Following steps can help in order to eliminate odor in the kitchen:

  1. Make a solution of vinegar by mixing it in water. Add a small percentage of bleach and borax so that it can give effective results.
  2. Now pour the cleaning mixture in the sink so that it will clean the inside of the garbage disposal and remove those germs, which are resulting in the spread of odor in the kitchen.

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